'SENSORIUM' works for the children with learning difficulties holistically. we have team of renowned professionals from various streams such as Clinical Psychologists, Paediatric Occupational Therapy, Speech therapist, Special Educators to follow an eclectic approach to solve the intricate issues of children. It involves comprehensive evaluations and remediation keeping in mind the complicated sensory, neurological and psychological processes of the brain and mind.

We follow a systematic program "SENSORIUM ONLINE" that assures progress in children with learning disabilities. "SENSORIUM ONLINE" is e-learn software developed by experts at Sensorium putting in loads of experience in creating a program to reach out the masses.

We cater this "SENSORIUM ONLINE" e-learn software to franchise owners, schools, clinical units, hospitals. it is very simple to use and user friendly for teachers and professionals.



Child care consultancy
Psychological Assessment
Assessments for Learning Disability
Aptitude Testing
Career Counselling